Clary Calm Women’s Monthly Blend was one of the first essential oils I ordered after I received my initial starter kit and got my product guide. Flipping through the guide, I was immediately drawn to this oil. Hormonal support both physically and emotionally? I needed that!

After using Clary Calm, I was sold. This was actually one of the reasons I started selling essential oils and sharing them with other women. My results were so life-changing, I felt strongly that other women needed to know these natural solutions existed! 

There are three times I suggest using Clary Calm. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed with the benefits!

To get all the details and my personal story, watch this video training: 

Here are the 3 times I suggest using Clary Calm:

  1. Support during your monthly cycle. Clary Calm does just what it says… it calms emotions so you don’t have those crazy ups and downs, and it also soothes physical discomfort. I suggest keeping Clary Calm in your bathroom as a reminder to apply topically to your abdomen every day.
  2. Support during life changes. If you struggle with hot flashes, Clary Calm is your friend! It’s cooling to the body and helps to diminish those unwanted side effects of menopause.
  3. Use on a daily basis for hormonal support. If you struggle with your cycle like I did and you want the results I had, I highly recommend Clary Calm. Like I say in the video, I also suggest cleaning up your diet, but the introduction of daily essential oils was what finally helped my body. If this is you or anyone you know, I want to talk and share my experience and exact steps! Schedule a quick chat with me here.

Clary Calm is a life-changer! Please share this post with a woman in your life who needs to know about it!