Ultimate wellness is not achieved by just the food you eat.  It is not achieved through exercise alone.  Nutrition and movement are just pieces of the wellness puzzle.  Your emotional state, happiness and outlook on life affect every cell in your body.  The mind-body connection is real.  While meditation and other relaxation techniques are very beneficial, I want to focus on something even simpler today.  What if your happiness, and therefore your health, could be improved through simply living better?

I was inspired by a lecture by Victoria Moran, who coaches on living a ‘charmed life’.  It was fascinating!  One idea I pulled from it is that small changes can completely change your outlook on life, and therefore the joy in your life.  You can take the boring and monotonous to special and exciting very easily.

Water glasses

Take the water glasses in the picture above.  Which would you rather drink?  How easy is it to fill the goblet instead of the plain glass?  It takes an extra minute to throw in a lemon.  When I use the goblet, I feel like I’m at a restaurant, and it makes me feel relaxed and happy.  It makes my water seem like a fancy drink.  The stress fades a bit, right?  Try it!  Here are some more ideas to upgrade your life:

  • Make your bed.  Put away your clothes.  The tidiness can ease your stress.
  • Wear your favorite outfit and notice how upbeat and confident you feel.  Wear those clothes more often, don’t save them for special occasions!
  • Put your snack in a pretty bowl.  Instead of grabbing a handful of almonds, put some in a nice dish.  It will slow you down and up the elegance of a simple snack.
  • Eat the best chocolate.  You deserve it!  Savor how delicious truly good chocolate is.  And for the price, you will savor it! (Here is one I love)
  • Buy fun-flavored toothpaste from the Health Food store or Amazon.  How exciting is pomegranate toothpaste?  Give yourself lots of choices!  I love the idea of having multiple toothpastes to choose from – upgrade a monotonous task.
  • Buy the EOS lip balms in a few flavors and tell me you don’t feel a bit more carefree.  You might find yourself arguing a bit less when your lips smell like strawberries.

What are your ideas for upgrading your life?  I’d like some more to try!