Happy Friday!

Well, first to update on the salads yesterday. . . the kids did a great job!  Natalie and Amelia still had some salad left but they finished it after school.  I was shocked at how well an ice pack works. . .usually lettuce goes bad so quickly.  That lunch will definitely go in the repeat file.  Next time I’ll try adding some chickpeas too.

Even though I am showing my kids’ lunches, these ideas would be great for adults too!  I know I would like the lunches. (Maybe not so much on the squeeze applesauce snacks…!)

Today’s lunch is Tortilla Roll-ups.  I used a generous amount of hummus and some carrots, red peppers, mushrooms and spinach.  I hope my kids aren’t disappointed when they don’t have toothpicks.  Pretty sure the toothpicks are their favorite part of the roll-ups.  I just didn’t feel comfortable sending toothpicks to kindergarten; kind of has disaster written all over it.  I packed the roll-ups into a smaller container in two layers so they would hold together.  I packed a few grapes as well, but this is likely more than my kids will be able to eat in one sitting.

Tortilla roll-up lunch

Snack today is strawberry applesauce.  Like I said yesterday, I love these squeeze containers.  They are so simple to pack and easy for the kids to eat.


Have a great weekend!