How do you get through Halloween without downing Snickers bars and Starbursts? (Or in my case DOTS. Love those things.)

The problem with mainstream candies, beyond the refined sugar, is that they contain so many artificial ingredients and highly processed corn syrup that wreak havoc in your body, making weight loss much more difficult (not to mention causing so many other health issues).
While the candy is no biggie for some of us to say no to, others completely overeat and feel awful afterwards (both physically and emotionally).

Sugar hangovers are no fun.
The best thing you can do to outsmart a Halloween Snickers binge is to have your own healthyish treat ready to go so you can indulge without the hangover.

These are my 5 favorites. They range from pretty-darn-healthy to pure-healthnut-rockstar.

  1. Dark chocolate bar You will have to exercise portion control here. Freeze half the bar, hide it, give it to your neighbor, you get the idea! (Please don’t take down a whole Green & Black’s bar. It’s still candy.) I’m talking the really good stuff here when I say dark chocolate. Don’t get fooled into ‘dark chocolate’ on the label of cheaper brands (ie M&M’s). My favorites are Green & Black’s, Theo, Endangered Species… those pricey bars. Buy what’s on sale, and believe me, they are worth it.
  2. Chocolate Avocado pudding No, I’m not kidding, this stuff is ridiculously good! You can make it with honey like the recipe here, or you can cut the sugars even more by using organic stevia.
  3. Chocolate Peppermint Bites No refined sugar here, but you’ll think there is! Get the recipe here for this simple dessert/energy bar.
  4. PB Cacao Spoon For the wellness rockstar who has already kicked sugar cravings: Take a tablespoon of almond or peanut butter and top with 2 teaspoons of cacao nibs and a pinch of sea salt. So chocolatey and good.
  5. Dried Mango If candy is your thing and not chocolate (again with the Dots), hear me out! Dried mango is amazingly sweet and delicious. Make sure to get the kind without added sugar, it’s sweet enough already.

After you enjoy your treat, your next step is to add a drop of Slim & Sassy, Peppermint, or Lemon essential oil to a big glass of water. You won’t have any more sugar cravings!

What’s your favorite (healthier) treat to have on-hand? Let me know in the comments below!