Some may say it’s easier to maintain our weight and eat healthy in the summer.  Our bodies naturally crave lighter foods, after all.  Salads are appealing when it’s really hot outside.  We tend to be more physically active. 

The flip side is our social lives.  Our calendars fill up with parties, bbq’s, weddings, happy hours, etc.  We are more likely to be on-the-go taking advantage of the longer days and taking road trips for long weekends away.  How do you keep up with good food when you’re so busy and not always presented with the best choices? 

It’s all in the planning.  You fail to plan you plan to fail.  I know. That’s such a boring solution! Isn’t there a better ‘easy’ button?  Not really, but try these tips and let me know how they work for you:

  • Always travel with food.  Keep trail mix in your purse.  Throw a cooler of snacks in your car in the morning before a full day of fun.
  • Plan your meals (resist the urge to take the summer off!).  Don’t rely on ‘figuring it out’ when you get home from work or the beach.  It usually doesn’t end well when we do that.  That’s when my dinner becomes almond butter and dark chocolate.
  • Drink your water.  We need even more in the summer, so keep it up!  This will curb your hunger and give you energy.  It’s amazing how much energy you have when you keep yourself well-hydrated.
  • Try some new foods!  Venture to the farmer’s market and try some fruits or vegetables you haven’t had before.  Keep your taste buds interested so you don’t resort to overly-sugary treats to be satisfied.
  • Eat before you go to those parties.  Just like you would before a holiday party (you remember to do that, right?).  Yes, there will be food at the graduation party.  Likely lots of yummy options!  If you go hungry, the Doritos might sneak their way on to your plate.  If you go feeling slightly hungry but in control, you will make better choices.

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