Halloween Candy

Here it is, my annual take on Halloween! Below are a five pieces of advice to make it through the holiday without a sugar hangover. And these tips are magical. Take the advice and you will wake up on Sunday morning feeling awesome. Just like magic!

  1. Buy high-quality sweets you like. Get some good stuff and tuck it away so while you are bombarded with fake chocolate-like bars and corn syrup-laden, multi-colored packages of food-like products, you are not tempted. You know you have a delicious dessert waiting for you that is worth savoring.
  2. If you haven’t bought candy yet, buy what you don’t like. The teal pumpkin project is really cool too for an alternative to candy.
  3. Don’t go into Halloween night hungry. Eat a good dinner. Make some chili. Just as I would advise before going to a holiday party, I’m advising you to eat before the trick-or-treating starts so you have willpower. Don’t go into a candy situation hungry. You’ll either be sneaking mini Snickers bars in between doorbell rings or digging into your kids’ bags. Neither is ideal.
  4. And the best one yet…Remember this: You don’t have to eat it just because you like it. That’s right. I might like the taste of Dots (even if they are corn syrup-laden, multi-colored food-like products). But if I have one, it all goes downhill and I don’t feel great.  Something about all that corn syrup and artificial color and artificial flavor just doesn’t agree with me:) Believe me, I indulge in plenty of foods I like, but when it comes to fake food, I try my best to pass.
  5. Decide what you want out of Halloween. Are you going to call it a day to let loose and indulge? Or are you going to use the tips above to try to avoid the junky stuff? It really doesn’t matter, as long as it is a conscious decision you make ahead of time and not choices that are made absentmindedly that lead to regrets. There is no need to feel guilt about eating!

If you do eat too much candy, then wake up on Sunday and start again. Don’t wait until Monday. Get back on your healthy eating plan.

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Enjoy Halloween and let me know how you are choosing to conquer or savor this holiday!