The kids are back in school for a fresh new year! September is like January, isn’t it? It’s hard-wired into my brain from my own years of school that September means a fresh start. Clean notebooks, perfectly-sharpened pencils, new shoes… and time for new habits!

What new habit is on your list to begin?

Cutting out sugar, eating breakfast, drinking more water, getting to bed earlier, packing a healthy lunch, exercising regularly, stopping eating 2 hours before bed… the list of options is endless! (And every one of these is a step that will absolutely get you closer to your pre-baby body and energy level!)

If this is the fall you’re going to get serious about your weight loss goals (and why not?) then I’ve got a trick for you.

New things take a while to become habits. Some experts say 21 days. I think it may be longer, but after 21 days you’re definitely on a good path! The tough thing that can happen is that you start to see results after a few weeks, and ironically, you may start backsliding. You start to feel confident and let the old habits creep back in. Don’t let this be you! Stay the course until your new, healthy habit is simply the way you do life.

On to the trick… Anchor that goal in so your healthy choice is constantly top of mind! What does that mean? I want you to really feel into your goal and why you want it. How will you look, feel and be when you meet your goal? Do some digging. (Side note: losing 10 pounds will NOT make you happy. You can be happy now. Dig deeper!)

Once you know why  you’re motivated to change, attach that ‘why’ to a physical object. Something you see every day. Ideally, something you have with you all the time. Maybe it’s a bracelet, a ring, a keychain. Maybe you put a motivational message on your iPhone screen or make a personalized case for it. You get to be creative here.


The idea is that you will be reminded of the goal and why it’s so darn important multiple times every day, keeping you going and staying the course with your healthy habit.

What are you going to choose for your anchor? Let me know in the comments below or post in my free Facebook Group for Moms, Baby Weight Revolution!