When people first get started with essential oils they’re all excited. Why wouldn’t they be? These things are amazing!

But often they fall into the trap I’m calling the most common mistake I see… They don’t use them!

To get the benefits of essential oils I rave about, you need to actually use them on a daily basis. I know that seems basic, but it’s so common to forget about them.

I know the oils come in a pretty box, and you’re tempted to set the pretty box on your dresser or put it in your bathroom closet…. don’t!

Using essential oils is a new habit. Habits take time to build, right? What’s the best way to build these habits? Keep the essential oils where you’re likely to use them! Keep them where you’ll see them and remember to use them.

Today I want to break down the Top 10 essential oils and give you an idea of the best place to keep each one.

If you learn better through listening, here’s a video where I explain:


Where to Keep your New Oils!

  1. Lavender: Nightstand
  2. Deep Blue: Bathroom
  3. Lemon: Kitchen
  4. OnGuard: Kitchen or where your family gets ready for the day
  5. Peppermint: Office
  6. Digestzen: Purse
  7. Oregano: cabinet
  8. Melaleuca: cabinet
  9. Breathe: cabinet (unless you’re stuffy, then keep in your bedroom)
  10. Frankincense: walk around with this one in your pocket 🙂

Remember, using essential oils is part of a healthy lifestyle. You will achieve your wellness goals when you build new habits and use your oils on a daily basis.

My commitment to you as my customer is to provide you with all the tools you need to be successful. Remember, I’m here for questions so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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