Occasional indigestion, bloating, queasiness, stomach discomfort. 

So fun! Not.

If you or anyone in your family has these occasional tummy troubles or other stomach bugs that get you down, you’re going to love the essential oil I’m sharing today.

This is one of the Top 10 essential oils for good reason, every family should have it! Whether you are having difficulty digesting a big holiday meal or you caught a stomach bug, this essential oil blend helps you feel better fast.

The oil blend is DigestZen digestive blend. It contains essential oils you think of for help with tummy troubles.. peppermint, ginger, anise, and a few others. 

My favorite way to feel better fast using DigestZen is to put a drop in my water. I simply put a drop in a glass and fill with water (put the oil in BEFORE the water so the oil doesn’t sit on top,,,, it’s a bit too strong that way!). I don’t mind the taste, and by taking the essential oil internally like this, I don’t smell like black licorice. 🙂

When my kids need support, I prefer to apply DigestZen topically. Simply dilute 1 drop of DigestZen with carrier oil in your palm (or use the TOUCH pre-diluted bottle) and rub onto her tummy or the bottoms of her feet.

Try this and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Magical:)

My kids have had such great experiences that they know to ask for DigestZen when they’re feeling icky. 

Here’s a video where I show DigestZen and explain how I use it. 


DigestZen comes in my favorite essential oil starter kit. The starter kit has the 10 oils you will use all the time at a great discount (I’ll teach you when to use each oil, it really couldn’t be easier). To get started with your essential oil starter kit and begin your path to natural wellness, contact me here!