While essential oils are easy breezy to use, there are just a couple things you want to keep in mind for your safety. Sunshine and topical use (i.e. putting essential oils on your skin) is one of them!

I did a quick video to explain what to remember about sun exposure and essential oil use, and I give you a couple workarounds. 


If you’re a reader, here ya go!

I love love love to use essential oils topically. But in the summertime, I need to change up my routines a bit. Citrus oils are such a good go-to for topical use because not only do they help with stress, anxious feelings, and uplift your mood in general, they make you smell amazing!

However, sunshine and citrus oils on the skin do not mix. If you have citrus oils on your skin within 12 hours of direct sun exposure, you are setting yourself up for a potential sunburn. And it could be a bad one!

Wondering which single essential oils and essential oil blends are affected? Here’s a tip! doTERRA bottles will ALWAYS tell you right on the label!

Simply look under Caution, and if the blend contains a citrus oil, this warning will be listed.

The problem is, most of use don’t read labels. Me included!

Hence me writing a blog post about it 🙂

So what are your workarounds?

1- You can still use citrus oils aromatically or internally! This warning applies to topical use only.

2- Apply the oil to a part of your skin that won’t see the sunshine. i.e. instead of applying your Wild Orange to the back of your neck or on your wrists, try applying to the spine or bottoms of your feet.

3- Swap out the citrus oil for a different essential oil that will give you similar benefits! This is what I chose to do with my go-to blend as I talk about in the video above. Questions on replacements? Comment below and I’ll help!

Using doTERRA essential oils truly is safe for the whole family, but please keep this one little safety tip in mind on those beautiful sunshiny days.

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