Strawberries are in season in Minnesota!  The best way to get your kids to eat healthy foods is to get them involved.  Show them where their food comes from.  And the best part of eating local is the taste!  Strawberries from the store in October don’t even compare to fresh-picked strawberries.

Kids strawberry picking

Our kids help in our garden – they pick which vegetables they would like to grow and they go out and monitor the progress.  When it comes time to eat, it is much easier to get them to try new, healthy foods because they are invested.  Tonight we had the first collard greens from the garden, and all three of my kids were excited to try them.

Back to strawberries. . . they are delicious and easy for kids to pick!  Strawberries are a great fruit choice because they are low-glycemic and have more Vitamin C than oranges!  Throw strawberries in smoothies, salads or eat them as snack on their own.

Kids strawberries

If you can get to a strawberry patch, I highly recommend it!  Expect to see some strawberry recipes coming soon. . .

strawberry picking