One of the most common questions I get, unsurprisingly, is ‘how do I buy doTERRA oils from you?’ 

Well, there are two options: Retail or Wholesale. 

I’m always up for saving money, so I suggest the Wholesale route. But you need to know why I recommend that! I shot a quick video to explain the benefits of enrolling with me with a doTERRA Wholesale account (and why there is no risk!).


As I said in the video, ordering retail from my website is easy peasy. Simply Click Here

When you’re ready to open a wholesale account, I do like to talk with you to help you choose the enrollment kit that will best fit your needs and maximize all the discounts, special offers, and freebies! It’s a quick conversation, and well worth the time! Contact me here and we’ll chat.

Post questions below or contact me for help!