New fruit to me!  When I was in San Diego over the weekend, I had my first taste of a persimmon.  They were sampling them at a health foods store and I honestly thought I was trying a yellow tomato when I took it.  YUMMY surprise!  The (fuyu persimmon) fruit has the consistency similar to an apple but is very sweet.  Needless to say, I bought a few and enjoyed them while in CA.


On Monday, my quest was on to find them at home.  They were easy to find because persimmons are in season right now, so I bought a bunch and I had my kids try them for an afterschool snack.  They ate three.  They loved them.  And they ate another one last night after dinner.  I guess they couldn’t stop thinking about persimmons either!

Cut Persimmon

They kept saying, Mom, what are these called again?  They are SOOO good!

(I will admit I thought they were a little more delicious in CA, but isn’t everything better when it’s fresh??? Oh, to live with fresh produce all year long. . .)

When you go to the store this week, try one!