Day two of kindergarten. . . I’m hoping it’s as great of a day as Day 1 was for my kids!  I can just picture them sitting in the cafeteria eating their lunches like such big kids.

Amelia’s only gripe about yesterday’s lunch was that she didn’t get very long to eat it.  It did get finished though. . . My girls just eat a bit slower than Sully.  I have to constantly remind him to slow down and taste his food.  We are not in a race to see who can slam the food down the fastest!  Must be a boy thing.

Last night we packed up today’s lunch.  My kids like 100% whole wheat bagels, so they make an easy lunch to have once in awhile.  Because we don’t eat them often, I buy them and keep them in the freezer so I can take out a portion at a time.

Because there were no veggies in today’s lunch, I know I will have to serve a few with protein at dinner.  It’s all about balance.  That’s another thing I love about packing my kids’ lunches – I can make sure they get the nutrients they need throughout the day because I know what they ate for each meal.

I cut the bagels into small ‘bites’ so they could dip them in cream cheese.  That seems easier than 5 year-olds taking the time to spread cream cheese on their bagels.  I didn’t give them each a full bagel because they never eat that much.  I probably did 2/3 – 3/4 of a bagel each.

I cut up a pineapple last night for their fruit.  That is one of the fruits they chose at the store on Monday.

Bagel Bite and Fruit Lunch

Snack today is raisins and apricots – two things they could all agree on.  That does not happen often:)  Yesterday the kids finished their grapes when they got home from school along with a cheese stick.  So we’ll see how today goes. . .

Apricots and Raisins snack

I would love to hear your quick lunch or snack ideas!