One common mistake I see people making when they begin an essential oil lifestyle is that they use too much oil, and honestly, waste money in the process. (How much should you be using? I’ll get to that!)

Essential oils are super concentrated! Have you heard me say that 1 drop of doTERRA Peppermint essential oil is equivalent in therapeutic benefit to drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea? doTERRA oils are kind of amazing in their potency.

We live in a ‘if one is good, then two must be better’ kind of society, right? We hear blueberries are good for us so all of a sudden we’re downing 2 cups thinking that more must be better when 1/2 cup serving could’ve given us all the benefit we needed.

That mindset tends to carry over with people when they start with essential oils.

However, you’ll save money (while realizing the benefits you want!) when you use essential oils sparingly. We say that essential oils literally cost pennies per use. And that’s true when used correctly! You absolutely will save money over products you used to buy when you switch to an essential oil lifestyle. There are about 250 drops of essential oil in a 15mL bottle of doTERRA. That’s a lot of uses! 

Here’s a video where I explain more:


Here are the best-practices guidelines I go by:

Internal Use

1-2 drops max per use. For instance, when adding Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime, Tangerine, or Slim & Sassy to my 20oz water bottle, I use 1-2 drops. 

Using small amounts more frequently will give you the best results.

One exception… when I’m using essential oils internally for an acute issue (when I’m taking my Wellness Bomb to give my immune system a much-needed short-term boost, for instance), I will put 4-6 drops of essential oil in a veggie capsule.

Topical Use

By topical, I’m talking about applying essential oils directly to the skin. When I’m using a drop of essential oil and diluting in fractionated coconut oil for each use, I use no more than 1-2 drops of essential oil. For instance, when I apply Digestzen to my stomach for tummy trouble, I put a teaspoon or so of fractionated coconut oil in my palm, add 1 drop of Digestzen to it, and rub that mixture on my stomach. 1 drop is all you need!

When I make roller bottle blends, I’m actually using less essential oil than a full drop per use. When making blends, you add much more carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil) to the bottle than essential oil, and those roller bottle blends last for many, many uses.

For little kiddos, even one drop is more than you need! Dilute, dilute, dilute, and you’ll have wonderful results with very little essential oil.

Aromatic Use

When diffusing, it’s key to remember that your body can only take in and respond to so many signals at once. Adding 10 drops of essential oil to a diffuser is not necessary. I use 3-6 drops total. This varies by the oils I’m using, the diffuser I’m using, and my room size.

When adding a drop of oil to your palms to create your own little diffuser, 1-2 drops total is very effective. Just try it with 1 drop of Peppermint and 1 drop of Wild Orange, and you’ll see what I mean!

Here’s the bottom line I want you to remember… doTERRA essential oils are very pure and potent. There is no need to overuse them to realize the amazing results I keep talking about.

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