Now, I have to begin by letting you know I eat a plant-based, vegan diet.  I don’t consume any animal products.  I eat this way because it works well for me.  I was able to fix my gut issues through eliminating animal products, refined sugar and sugar substitutes from my diet.  I finally had energy and got rid of the constant stomach aches, bloating and digestive issues.  It was a no-brainer for me to make this my lifestyle.

However, I do appreciate that we are all different, and what works for me may not work for you.  You may need some animal protein (Just please be sure to buy organic, grass-fed, free-range animal products to protect yourself from hormones and antibiotics, and vote with your dollars to stop animals from being treated inhumanely!).  It is with this understanding that I wanted to share the newly-released study that is getting so much press.  If you do eat animal protein, consider this when choosing what to eat.

Red meat has been linked to heart disease for years, but it was generally believed that the saturated fat and cholesterol in red meat were what led to increased heart disease in meat-eaters.  A study was just published with new findings . . . There is a compound called trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) which is shown to predict heart attack risk. TMAO is formed when bacteria from our digestive tract breaks down a compound found in red meat known as carnitine. Frequent red meat-eaters have more of the bacteria that break down carnitine.  This leads to creation of more TMAO and more artery-clogging.  When vegetarians in the study ate red meat, they did not show TMAO levels in their blood nearly as high as regular meat-eaters.

For all the details of this study, see the NY Times article:

What this new study says to me. . . While experts are always learning more about heart disease risk, it’s clear that eating large amounts of red meat, be it in one sitting or in multiple servings per week, is just not a good decision for your health.  Your body does not need a massive hunk of meat or double-anything.  If you enjoy red meat, please enjoy it in moderation.

Your thoughts?