Hello Monday!  When I asked my kids last night what they wanted for lunch tomorrow, Sully said peanut butter and jelly (shocker. . that’s his favorite).  I could have made sandwiches, but I just bought strawberries and wanted to make it more interesting.

I made a lunch over the summer that my kids loved – I would spread peanut butter and thinly-sliced bananas between two tortillas, cook them like a quesadilla, and cut them into triangles to serve.  So, I made a cold variation I could send to school.

To make 1 serving:

  • Cut 1 organic whole wheat or gluten-free tortilla in half.
  • Spread both halves with a thin layer of organic peanut butter (I like the unsalted one from Trader Joe’s).
  • Thinly slice strawberries and arrange on one half of the tortilla.

PB Strawberry Quesadilla

  • Top with the other half (PB side-down), and cut into triangles.

I sent some grapes to complete the lunch.

PB & Strawberry Triangles Lunch

Snack today is a Whole Wheat Banana Muffin.  I was able to put them in the freezer last week, so I took three out, thawed them, and put them in containers to pack in backpacks.  Easy!

After-school snack will include a vegetable (maybe a smoothie?  It’s pretty hot here today…), and dinner tonight will include a few vegetables as well.  When you include some fruits and vegetables at every meal, it’s not too hard to balance to makes sure kids get enough servings along with their protein.  Grains and healthy fats are pretty easy so I don’t give those much thought, but fruits, veggies and proteins are always top of mind when I plan meals!

Where do you get stuck in planning meals for your kids?