Now that it’s cold here in Minnesota, I’m brainstorming warm meals I can send to school.  We’re about to get some good use out of those thermoses!

My kids really like oatmeal, so I thought I would try it even though I was nervous that it wouldn’t stay warm or would end up in a big gummy clump by lunchtime.  We tried it out, and my kids did say it clumped up a bit, but they still loved it and gave it ‘make again’ status.

I generally make lunches the night before to make the mornings go smoother, but oatmeal is so quick, I didn’t mind.  You could make it the night before and reheat in the morning before adding to your thermos if you are really pressed for time in the mornings.

I cooked three servings of oatmeal on the stove which took about 15 minutes.  I used Trader Joe’s gluten-free rolled oats.

Cooking Oatmeal

While the oats were cooking, I boiled water and poured it into each thermos and closed the lids.  From my research online, the results were pretty mixed as to whether ‘pre-heating’ the thermos would help to keep the food warm longer, but I figured what the heck, it’s worth a try.

Once the oatmeal was done cooking, I poured out the water from the thermoses and added the oatmeal.  I mixed in a teaspoon or so of maple syrup and a handful of raisins.

Oatmeal and Ingredients

That’s it!  I remembered to throw a spoon in the lunchbags along with a banana and lunch was done.

According to my kids, they had a warm, yummy lunch waiting for them after recess.

Oatmeal in thermos

If you try this, let me know your or your kids’ reviews. . .