Are you overwhelmed by contradicting and confusing health advice? If you’re trying to lose weight or improve a health concern, you probably are.

For instance with weight loss… Do you try a vegan or paleo style of eating? Do you eat every 3 hours or just 3 times per day? What’s the deal with intermittent fasting? Will that help you or mess up your hormones? Do you really need 8 hours of sleep or will 6 do the trick?

The answer is… no one knows but you! That’s what I believe, anyway.

You have to be willing to test things out on yourself and determine what works for YOU.

You are not the same as your mom, your best friend, or your favorite celebrity. What works wonders for your friend might drain your energy and make you feel terrible.


I believe that’s the reason we see so much conflicting advice from doctors and other health professionals, because your answer may differ depending on your unique chemistry, life stage, and lifestyle.

I consider myself a walking experiment, and I really try to tune in to what my body is telling me to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

For instance, I recently read that drinking more water will not improve your skin tone, unless you’re really dehydrated.

Ummmm, I disagree.

I don’t care what the science says, I know for a fact that my face looks a heck of a lot better when I’m downing boatloads of water than when I’m not. Am I going to stop drinking tons of water (beyond *recommendations*) because some study says it won’t make a difference? No!

Same goes with products I love.

If I tried Lavender to support a restful night’s sleep and it didn’t seem to give me the results I hoped for, would I stop there? No! Essential oil chemistry, like our own chemistry, is complicated. What works for one may not work wonders for another. I would test out Cedarwood, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, or maybe a combo of them all!

So, question for you, are you willing to do the work of testing for yourself and taking ownership of your health, or are you looking for the easy button?

After working with many, many women, I have to say, while there are products and strategies that can support you, there’s NO easy button to move the needle on your health goals. The change required to meet your goals takes commitment and curiosity, testing and tuning in.

Here are two important steps to determine which healthy habits will move the needle for you:

1- Give it time. Don’t try something for 7 days and jump to the next fad. If you’re making a change, I would commit to at least 30 days before jumping ship. Make sure to put your blinders on once you make a decision or you’ll be tempted by the newest fad, flip-flop like crazy, and never see results.

2 – Take notes! When I take clients through my 30-day program, I always have them do a pre-program snapshot and journal daily. Some results can happen very subtly, and you won’t notice the transformation if you don’t have a baseline to compare to. Pictures might help here too depending on your goals.

*Of course, if you’re wanting to make a drastic lifestyle change or if you have health complications, I would always recommend checking with your doctor for help determining a safe course of action.

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