I’ve told you why I don’t love stevia. (read it here) I’m not saying you’ll have the same problem, so if it works for you, go for it! However, given my issues with it, I wanted to share an alternative I use in case you want to give that a try!

And this option gives you bonus health benefits.. 🙂


So what is it?! Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

I loooove cinnamon! Years ago, I used to buy a cinnamon coffee creamer on the regular. I’m sure it was fat free, and I can only imagine all the crazy ingredients it had in it that were wreaking havoc in my body. But hey, that was then, and now I know better, so I do better!

Part of what I know better now is that you don’t need aspartame or sugar or anything else for extra sweetness when you use cinnamon. Cinnamon has an inherently sweet flavor all on its own.

Have you ever noticed that naturally sweet flavor when you use cinnamon? Whether you’re talking about the essential oil or the dried spice or cinnamon sticks. (Even though I love the essential oil, you can definitely use spice options as well.)

What I love about Cinnamon Bark essential oil is that, like all essential oils, it’s super concentrated, so you get the flavor but you also get potent health benefits.

Cinnamon Bark’s Health Benefits

There’s a laundry list of health benefits from using Cinnamon Bark internally, but here are a couple I love!

Cinnamon is awesome for supporting and maintaining healthy blood sugar, and it’s great for a healthy metabolism. (These two factors make maintaining your ideal weight easier!).

Cinnamon is also powerful for your immune system. It’s actually one of the essential oils in the OnGuard Protective Blend that I talk about all the time! 

How to Use Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

How can you use Cinnamon Bark internally to get these benefits? You could put it in a veggie cap and take like a supplement, but here are my favorite 2 ways.

1. You can add it to your coffee. 

2. You can add to a smoothie! Take a look at the Blueberry Cinnamon Smoothie recipe for one delicious idea.

Remember anytime you’re using essential oils in your food, start small! Start with a toothpick swirl, you can always add more. Cinnamon is super potent, so a full drop might be too much for you. You can always add more but better to start with less!

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