High Energy

Last week I talked about 5 key changes to make to double your energy. Those make a huge difference! If you didn’t catch that post, make sure it check it out here.

Today I’m focusing on a ninja tip. This one is a little more complicated, but from my experience, this one is really powerful. So it gets its own post:)

I’ve been raising kids and building a business over the last few years, so feeling good and keeping my energy up has been really important. Like you, I’m a little busy! I’ve tried a lot of different diets (aka styles of eating) to find that perfect combination that makes me feel fantastic. I’ve eaten superfoods, raw foods, vegan, paleo, and I’ve tried every tip and trick in the book. And there are a lot of books!

The one thing I’ve learned?

There is no stringent diet, no hard and fast rule, that magically works. The slam dunk diet is different for all of us. And the secret weapon to discovering the optimal way to eat for your unique body is through seasonal cleansing. I’m not talking anything too drastic or crazy, just real food with specific guidelines for 14 days.

You simply take out the most common allergenic foods for 7 days and slowly add them back in and tune in to your body and see what it tells you.

Removing sugar and caffeine is enough to give many of my clients a drastic energy boost.

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The bonus is when clients make even more connections with the food they are eating and the way they feel.

That’s what happened to me with eggs.

I had little red bumps on the backs of my arms and I was experiencing some less-than-ideal digestive issues.

I couldn’t pinpoint what the problem was!

When I took the top allergen foods out of my diet and then added them back one by one, it was clear. Eggs were the culprit.

It’s a huge bummer as eggs are such a quick and easy protein source. But at least now I know and I can avoid them!

When you continually eat foods you are intolerant to, your body has an inflammatory response. Among other things, this leads to energy drains, digestive issues, headaches, mood swings, and difficulty losing weight.

What I’ve found through taking over 100 clients through this process has been amazing! For some clients, the cleanse serves as a great re-set and jumpstart to healthy eating that makes them feel amazing. For many others though, they make those critical connections between a food they were consuming and how it made them feel.

For example, eating grain-free is such a trend right now. For some clients, removing grains has huge benefits. For others, eating oatmeal for breakfast is the best way to start the day. It can be different for all of us. The key is figuring out these differences! Simply removing problematic foods going forward has huge benefits for long-term high energy and weight loss.

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