I have 9 year-olds! Eeks! How did this happen? I turned around and my toddler triplets turned 9. Feels like it anyway. 🙂

In honor of my precious babes, I want to share how I use essential oils with my kids, and which essential oils they use the most.

A little background of how we got here…

My trio arrived at 26 weeks. Yup, 26.

I’m beyond blessed with these three miracles, but my triplet pregnancy was a scary, high-risk journey that thankfully had a very happy ending. Because of this and other life experience, I deeply appreciate and respect modern medicine. Without it, my micro-preemies wouldn’t have had a chance. However, I’ve chosen a lifestyle of natural solutions in our every day wellness routines to stay as healthy as we can.

Essential oils are my first go-to’s to stay healthy, but I haven’t always used them.

I was introduced to essential oils when my kids were 5, almost 6. Before then, I was completely unaware of the powerful benefits of plants, outside of eating them! 🙂

At the time, I was a health coach and well-versed in healthy lifestyle, so we prioritized whole foods and non-toxic household products, but essential oils weren’t on my radar yet. Thank goodness for a friend reaching out to share these oils with me!

Fast forward just over 3 years…Now essential oils are just how we roll, and it’s what my kids are used to. They know to use their OnGuard Protective Blend in the morning and grab the Digestzen Digestive Blend when they have an upset tummy. They down their PB Assist Jr. probiotics and graciously (yet honestly) taste-test all my crazy health-food concoctions.

doTERRA Touch Kit

Here are a few ways my kiddos use essential oils on a daily basis:

  • OnGuard on the bottoms of their feet every morning 
  • OnGuard, Melaleuca, and Oregano on the bottoms of their feet when they come down with a bug 
  • Digestzen on their tummies for upset stomach
  • Breathe Respiratory Blend on their chests with congestion
  • Eucalyptus in the shower with congestion
  • Lavender (my son’s favorite) and Serenity Restful Blend (my daughters’ favorite) on the back of neck or bottoms of feet for sleep support
  • PB Assist Jr. probiotics and a2z vitamins every day
  • Oils such as Wild Orange, Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend, Lemon, Spearmint, and Cheer Uplifting Blend in their diffuser jewelry to help manage emotions (I also diffuse these in the kitchen in the morning!)
  • InTune Focus Blend when they struggle to stay focused with homework
  • PastTense Tension Blend on back of their necks when their heads hurt
  • Peppermint on the back of necks when they are over-heated 
  • Correct-X applied before a bandaid to any owie
  • Both Peace Reassuring Blend and Console Comforting Blend for my daughter’s anxious feelings. She rubs this blend on the bottoms of her feet in her custom roller bottle.

*When applying essential oils to my kids’ skin, I always dilute! doTERRA Touch bottles are our favorites as they are pre-diluted and easy to use. For oils that do not come pre-diluted, we always dilute in fractionated coconut oil before applying.

I love that my kids are being raised with a foundation for natural health and the power of real food, toxin-free products, and natural solutions like essential oils. Even if they do veer off as teenagers, they have a healthy foundation to come back to.

Do you have questions on where to start with essential oils for your kids? I would love to help you! Contact me and we’ll talk!