Ezekiel english muffin

I generally eat real food that doesn’t have a package per se. You know, the foods I actually need to cook and bake.

But there are definitely some foods I buy for on-the-go snacks and time-savers that I would classify as ‘packaged’. I make the healthiest choices I can and go with it. Here are 7 that are consistently in my shopping cart:

  • Bread Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat is my go-to for my kids. It’s made from real, simple ingredients that I could replicate at home if I actually took the time to bake bread. Which happens about once per year.
  • Tortillas Two favorites: I like Food for Life Sprouted Corn myself and my kids love the Stacy’s Organic Whole Wheat.
  • English Muffins Again, we love the Food for Life Ezekiel Sprouted. My kids eat these at breakfast sometimes and I also have been known to use them for mini pizzas.
  • Protein Powder I would put protein powder in the processed category, but it’s one I’m ok with and utilize often. I like adding it to morning smoothies for a quick and easy protein boost. You need to be careful here, there are a lot of powders with soy, sugars, and junky fillers. My favorite is SunWarrior Warrior blend.
  • Bars Larabars all the way. I make my own, but I also buy them. They are the only bar I’ve found that’s readily available and all real-food ingredients with no added sweeteners. I recently started seeing them at Costco which is a bonus. They are a great easy-grab for my kids when we’re running out the door.
  • Beans If you’ve ever actually cooked your own beans, you know that the flavor and texture is SO much better than anything you can buy in a can. But I always have some in the pantry for quick side dishes and meals, especially since I have a daughter who won’t eat meat or eggs. Eden Foods is definitely my favorite brand (BPA-free can and no added salt) but I’ve also bought the organic Simply Balanced in the BPA-free cartons.
  • Tortilla Chips Yup. Because I love them. Which is why I buy them and then curse myself for having them in the house! There are a few I buy with simple ingredients: Costco organic, Archer Farms organic, Garden of Eatin, and occasionally the Trader Joe’s organic.

Hummus is another nice go-to to buy already-prepared. It didn’t make my top list only because we got a little hummus’d out and haven’t bought it in awhile. I like the Holyland brand.

What are your favorite packaged foods? Let me know below!