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I’m such a morning person. I honestly don’t know how it happened. It certainly wasn’t always this way! My mom and my best friend will vouch for that. But just because I’m a morning person doesn’t mean my mornings go smoothly without planning. I can’t stand starting the day out frantic. My blood pressure rises, I get that adrenaline surge and I feel ‘off’ all day long.

With kids, I don’t have a lot of control over the way the day rolls, as much as I’d like to pretend I do. But I can do a lot of little things that help tremendously in making my mornings smooth sailing. I hope these tips help you! But of course you actually have to do them to see the benefit:) Even if you don’t have kids, which plenty of my clients don’t, these tips are life-changing….

Prep the night before. Always.

  • Backpacks/work bags packed up and by the door.
  • Lunches in the fridge ready to be packed into lunch bags. (All the lunch bags won’t fit in my fridge!)
  • Water bottles filled and ready in the fridge.
  • Breakfast smoothie ready to go in the fridge. Yes, it only takes a few minutes in the morning, but that time saved is super helpful. Make a few at a time and store in the freezer to make the evening routine even easier. Simply pop one in the fridge.
  • Any prep needed for kids’ breakfasts? Do it now! I prefer to re-heat, not cook, in the morning.
  • Outfits laid out. This includes workout clothes if you are a morning exerciser!
  • Always lose your keys? You guessed it, leave them in a special spot where you can grab them.
  • Coffee drinker? Have it set up the night before.
  • Charge your phone.

This list might seem overwhelming, but it really doesn’t take long once you’re used to it. Many clients find it helpful to set a reminder on their phone to do some or all of these things until they become habits. Otherwise you climb into bed only to remember you forgot to make tomorrow’s lunch. That’s too late for most of us to muster up the motivation to go get it done.

Is this annoying at 9pm when you’re tired? Yes.  Are you thankful you did it at 7am? Always.

And you don’t have to wait until the end of the night to get this all done! I often pack lunches while I’m making dinner.

In the Morning

  • Diffuse essential oils to energize like Wild Orange and Peppermint, or some Citrus Bliss to uplift everyone’s mood. You can even prep your diffuser the night before.
  • Start your day with your warm lemon water. Hydrate for energy!
  • Write in your gratitude journal or meditate if you can swing it. I do both right before bed instead since I like to hop out of bed and get my workout in. (Okay, I don’t hop. I admit it, I usually hit snooze once or twice.)
  • Dig in to your delicious breakfast that you already have prepped and can’t wait to eat.

And of course you are savoring every bite (or sip) while gazing into the beautiful landscape out your kitchen window. With no one crabbing, arguing or demanding your attention. Right?!? Yeah, in my house too.

Seriously though, if you aren’t already planning out your morning the night before, try it! You won’t look back.

What’s your best smooth-morning tip? Let me know in the comments below.