Update on the Banana Ice Cream. . . the kids and I have made it countless times, but we finally waited for Daddy to come home on Friday and let him try it.  He was wowed!  (He admitted he didn’t really believe it was as good as I was saying.)  I added some strawberries and a couple dark chocolate chips this time as toppings.

Banana Ice Cream with Strawberries

Sully said to his dad “Daddy, you should really try the banana ice cream some time.”

Dave said, “Isn’t this the banana ice cream Buddy?”

“No, this is vanilla.”

So funny!  My five-year-old couldn’t even tell he was eating bananas.  Adding the toppings threw him off.

Anyway, on to a new favorite product. . . even though Banana Ice Cream is a new staple, I do love a good coconut ice cream every once in awhile.

We were at Lakewinds, our local co-op, last week and there was a couple sampling their new coconut-based ‘ice cream’.  I have always loved Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss Ice Cream as a treat, but I very seldom buy it because it contains agave.  I really try not to eat sugars and strong sugar substitutes like agave.  But HOLD ON!  This new product, LUV Nice Cream contains no added sugars!  They use stevia and other natural sweeteners.  And it is SO delicious!  And it’s local, made in St. Paul.  What’s not to LUV?  We sampled the strawberry and brought home the Coconut Chai Pistachio.  While it was super yummy, I’ll probably hold off on buying it again until fall, when the chai flavors appeal to me a little more.  I plan to try the chocolate coconut next.


And they make dark chocolate with no sugar. . . oh dear.  I might be in trouble!

When I was talking with the owners, they said they were always searching for a good vegan ice cream that didn’t contain sugars.  When they couldn’t find it, they made their own!  (I had always been looking for a good ice cream with no added sugars too. . .why didn’t I think of that?)  Good lesson and inspiration!  If you find a hole in the health food market, fill it yourself!  The demand is ever-increasing.

If you find it, give LUV a try!