It’s been 5 years since I left my comfy corporate job to start my own wellness business! On one hand it seems like yesterday, and on the other, those corporate days seem like a lifetime ago. I’m sure you know what I mean!

I feel like I’m a different person from all the learning and growing that has come with being an entrepreneur. Even though I wouldn’t change the journey one bit, I do feel like I could’ve grown by leaps and bounds if I’d understood these 5 truths early on.

No matter what journey you’re on in your life, I know these lessons can help make your life SO much easer if you take them to heart.

Here goes…

  1. It’s ok to be yourself. It’s actually the only way to be. This is a lesson that I really try to hit home with my kids too! Being someone other than you is exhausting and feels forced. Things just flow when you’re being your authentic self. When you’re putting yourself out there in any form, whether it’s personal or business, it’s vulnerable and hard. It can seem easier to put up a pretty shield and not show the real you. But your uniqueness is your superpower. One of my favorite quotes is Be you, everyone else is taken. Let the criticism roll off your back (the criticism is never really about you, that’s a bonus lesson!).
  2. Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. This is so hard, right? We’re on social media seeing the businesses, the families, the vacations, etc. that seem better or easier than ours. The comparison game is an ugly one that never ends well. Take inspiration from others who have already achieved your goals, but never ever compare and make a home in self pity. Like I said, there is so much learning and beauty in the journey!
  3. Get comfy with being uncomfortable. Ooh, this was big for me! As an introvert, I’m most comfortable at home in sweatpants:) Speaking in public, calling potential business partners, recording a Facebook Live? Eeks. The good news is, the more you stretch yourself, the easier it gets (and the higher the rewards!). 
  4. Make plans, but know they are fluid. Be open to new experiences and directions. You can’t predict what the future holds so just keep taking the next step, using your gut-check as your guide. As I look at my business and my personal life, I had a vision, I had goals… but I never could’ve predicted where I’d be today! What you want, the feeling of what you want, is what I consider the plan. The how is the unknown that shows up when we remain open to new experiences and keep taking action.
  5. Celebrate every win. This is big! When is the last time you celebrated a success, no matter how small?! It’s easy to look at the goals not yet achieved and feel like there’s so far to go. But if you look back, you realize how far you’ve come. I’m guilty of underplaying how far I’ve come, and I’m sure you are too. Take a minute and reflect, you are doing amazing things in your life!

What’s one big lesson you live by? Leave a comment below!