Less Stress, More Happy: Tools to Live a Calmer, Happier Life


Tuesday, March 13th 8PM CENTRAL

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Hitting snooze because you don’t want to face the day 
  • Losing sleep because your mind is spinning out of control
  • Snapping at your kids or your husband
  • Frequent headaches or tension in your neck or shoulders

You're not alone.

But the good news is, there are simple tools available to help you. 

I’m going to teach you about key essential oils that literally alter your chemistry and help you manage stress so you can be your happiest self. 

We’ll also cover simple lifestyle shifts that make a huge difference! 

About Angie

I was once the frazzled working mom of triplets feeling constantly overwhelmed and short on time. Even though I had so many blessings, I definitely didn't feel like I was living my best life. Once I embraced the tools I have to share, the shifts were massive. I'm still a working mom of triplets, but everything is different. More calm and much more joy. I'm going to teach you what I've learned so you can have that too!

Angie Jones Mom of 3, Health Coach, doTERRA Wellness Advocate