I know, I know, you’ve heard it a million times. Drink more water! 

But most of us still aren’t doing it. 

Maybe you think water’s too boring? That was me! How do you not like water? I don’t know, I just didn’t! Unless I was working out, there was little water-drinking going on. That was before the days of my beloved sparkling water, so most of my beverage intake was some form of Diet soda or Crystal Light. Eeks.

Now it’s easy to grab a La Croix or something and figure you’re getting your water in (and I definitely drink those), but seriously, are you going to down a 6-pack of La Croix per day to get your ounces in? 

Please don’t 🙂 Save the cash-ola and let’s get our pure water in.


Let’s Review WHY we should drink water, shall we?

Before I tell you how I make water WAY more exciting and get my ounces in… Let me re-convince you to drink enough water! 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day is recommended and it’s a great goal. When you drink lots of water, you have:

  • More energy (seriously!)
  • Less sugar and overall hunger cravings
  • Better digestion
  • Easier weight loss
  • Younger-looking skin
  • And so much more

Ok, you’re on board?

Here’s how I make drinking water super simple (and super delicious!)

I started by adding lemons or limes to my water. I knew I wanted to avoid the powdered mixes that contain artificial sweeteners, and fresh fruit worked to give the water good flavor. And that’s an option you can use!

But once I started using doTERRA essential oils for, well, everything, I realized that I could do double-duty by using them instead. Not only does a drop of doTERRA make my water taste more exciting, I get super-charged benefits! Win-win.

Once I started making this a habit, the water started going down no problem. 

Here are a few of my favorite essential oils to use and their super-charged benefits:

  • Lemon – cleansing, super supportive to your cleansing organs
  • Grapefruit – supports a healthy metabolism
  • Lime – supports a healthy metabolism and blood sugar; it’s full of antioxidants
  • Tangerine – full of antioxidants; great for your immune system
  • Peppermint – cooling and it’s good for digestion and any stomach upset

Now you might be wondering how to add essential oils to water?

There are a couple important things to remember when you add essential oils to your water

1. Don’t use plastic! The powerful essential oils could break down a bit of the plastic, causing you to ingest some of the chemicals. No good! Even BPA-free plastics should be avoided with essential oils.

2. Only use doTERRA. I can’t stress enough the importance of only using pure, potent essential oils that have the 3rd-party testing to back up their quality claims. doTERRA checks all the boxes but unfortunately many other oil brands do not (some even say right on the label not to ingest).

3. Add oil first. If using a glass instead of a water bottle, add the oil to the glass first and then fill with water. This will help the oil incorporate into the water better (otherwise it will just sit on top of the water and be very strong when you sip it!). If you’re using a water bottle, give it a shake now and then.

4. One drop will do. Please keep in mind how concentrated essential oils are! I add 1 drop to my 20oz water bottle. Oftentimes, you can refill the bottle without adding more oil. No need to use too much!

If you have specific health concerns, check with a medical professional before using essential oils just like you would for any health supplement. 

Do you think this could get you to drink more water? If you want to learn more about how essential oils can change your life just like they did mine, contact me here.