Summer is just around the corner! It’s definitely not the time we want to be over-eating. But temptations are everywhere, and the cravings can be hard to resist.

Of course it’s important to uncover reasons why you’re craving food… Is it stress? Emotions? Boredom? Recognizing your triggers is the first step in coming up with a plan to manage them.

For some of us, food cravings, especially sweet cravings, are a by-product of our diets. If we eat sugary and processed foods, we’re going to crave more of them. Sad but true. It’s a vicious cycle every time we indulge.

Eating real, whole foods and eliminating added sugar will naturally reduce food cravings.

Beyond unpacking triggers and cleaning up your diet (which are both highly-recommended!), I’ve got another awesome tip for you:

Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend Essential Oil

Of course there’s an oil for that! 🙂 An oil blend to be exact.

Slim & Sassy is a blend of Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon essential oils.

It promotes a healthy metabolism and curbs those food cravings. I love using Slim & Sassy is to conquer sugar cravings.

Here’s a rundown of the oils in this blend and what they do:

Grapefruit – supports a healthy metabolism

Lemon- naturally cleanses the body

Peppermint – supports digestion and reduces bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion

Ginger – supports healthy digestion

Cinnamon – supports healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels

Combine these essential oils, and you have a powerful blend to support weight loss and squash cravings!

Here are a few ways I find success using Slim & Sassy:

  • Add a drop to water in the afternoon.
  • Put a drop under my tongue if I’m really craving something sweet.
  • Chew a piece of Slim & Sassy gum. YES doTERRA makes a sugar-free gum! (Every piece contains 1 drop of essential oil!)

You can also use Slim & Sassy to boost your weight loss efforts. Adding a few drops to your water up to 5x per day (or simply using the Slim & Sassy softgels), combined with a healthy diet and exercise, will have you feeling your best for summer in no time.

It’s amazing what essential oils can do, join me and I’ll teach you how to benefit! Learn more here.