Life can be tough, right? Major tragedies aside, there are plenty of every day issues that can make thinking positively really hard.

Some days it seems like everything that could go wrong does. I get it.

But have you noticed the difference between when you complain and stew over what’s going wrong and when you re-frame your thoughts and choose to stay positive and give people the benefit of the doubt?

It’s kind of magical how life just seems better.

How can you become that person that is able to see the glass half full?

  1. Find your tribe! Surround yourself with like-minded, positive people. They will help you turn your negative attitude around and inspire you to be your best. These are a few of the wonderful ladies on my doTERRA team who I was lucky enough to spend three days with last week. I choose to spend my time with these positive, inspiring women that bring out the best in me! (Want to join us? Find out more.)
  2. Meditate. I know, I know, you don’t have time. Yes, you actually do.  You have 5 minutes. Even minutes a day makes a difference! People much smarter than me have proven it! Get quiet and take time to clear your mind. I like to meditate when I first sit down at my computer for the day.
  3. Move your body. This is one of my favorites. Tony Robbins teaches that movement can change your mood instantly. Feeling stuck or down in the dumps? Move your body. ‘Motion creates emotion’ This works!
  4. Jasmine Essential Oil. I love love love that doTERRA introduced Jasmine Touch. It makes a very rare essential oil more cost effective and available to the masses because it’s diluted in fractionated coconut oil for safe topical application. Apply to your pulse points and not only will you smell delicious, you’ll give your mood powerful uplifting support.

Remember, your high-vibe energy will attract more high-vibe energy. Keep on sending out those positive thoughts!

How do you keep a positive outlook? I want to hear your secrets in the comments below!