Ah, this is so personal, it’s hard to share! I’m super uncomfy to be honest. BUT, I can’t shake the thought that this info could help a woman who is in the position I was. So here it goes…

I have struggled with hormone imbalance since my early 20’s, if not earlier. My monthly cycle was irregular at best, mostly nonexistent, and I couldn’t have a baby.

I believe my issues were related to lifestyle. I made choices I thought were healthy and fine, but now looking back and knowing what I know now, I disagree with so much that I did.

I ate processed ‘health’ foods and bought into the fat-free craze. I ate waaaay too much sugar. I  never thought it was a problem because it didn’t show up as a weight issue. I loved to run, so it was easy to burn off the crap, I guess. But sugar was a pretty serious addiction.

There were other warning signs that I now realize should’ve alerted me that something was off with how my body was functioning:

I was tired all the time. As a young woman with no children and getting what should have been adequate sleep, I felt exhausted by every afternoon. (In comparison, my life now is about 10x as busy, and I have about 100x the energy!)

My digestive system wasn’t normal. My stomach would hurt after eating many fresh fruits and veggies, and my list of ‘do-not-eats’ was only growing. Then I would have IBS-like symptoms. TMI, I know.

But I didn’t recognize these symptoms as having anything to do with my monthly cycle issues. It wasn’t in my awareness that all the body’s systems are inter-related.

My solution to have a baby was to take the fertility medications that were offered to me. I was happy to have a ‘fix’, so I never questioned whether some lifestyle changes could’ve solved my problems. But oh my gosh did that lead me down a painful path.

After my journey with the fertility treatments, pregnancy loss, surgeries, and then a difficult triplet pregnancy, I woke up!

I wanted to feel better, whatever better meant. I wanted energy. I didn’t want the digestive issues. I started to realize that a practically non-existent period was probably a symptom of more damage that was going on in my body. And I knew better this time than to take the recommended ‘fix’ (which was to go on the birth control pill).

Instead, I dove into learning everything I could about nutrition. I read book after book, I watched documentaries, I went back to school to be a health coach.

The changes I made, little by little, made significant differences. Cutting the sugar and processed foods out of my diet and adding back in lots of healthy fats gave me energy and resolved the digestive issues that had bothered me for years (and also helped me lose the baby weight that was still hanging on! Bonus!).

I toned down the running a bazillion miles a week in favor of a more varied exercise routine.

A few years in, I was absolutely feeling better. Probably the best I had in years, even with three little ones. But my cycle still wasn’t regular.

Then, I discovered essential oils. *Cue the bright lights and confetti*.

I started using ClaryCalm (a blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Fennel, Palmarosa, and Vitex essential oils) and.. wait for it… Basil

I kept these two essential oils in my bathroom and applied them to my abdomen every day after my shower.

After a few months of consistent use (I wish I would’ve kept track of the exact timeline, but I didn’t!), voila, my cycle was back and regular. And it’s been that way for a couple years. Mind you, this is after years of struggle.

It still kind of blows my mind that all this worked. I don’t know that essential oils alone could have regulated my hormones… they are a huge part of the picture, but I want to emphasize that it was the whole lifestyle. Less sugar, less processed foods, more healthy fats, a more balanced exercise routine, and the essential oils… they all work together.

If you know someone who is in the boat I was in, please share this with her. Let her know she has natural options to try. I’d love to help her.