We all know we should eat more vegetables. And not just carrots or tomatoes …. we need more leafy greens!

Are you getting a few cups of green vegetables in your diet every day? Spinach in your smoothie, kale salad for lunch, sautéed collard greens for dinner?


I know, it’s tough.

Our bodies thrive on lots of leafy greens, but it’s not always easy to get them in.

You either:

a. don’t love them (or don’t know how to cook them to make them delicious!)

b. deal with picky eaters who make it virtually impossible to serve kale

c. come home tired and hungry after a long day and make less-than-ideal choices

d. travel often and have less control over your food options

Well, I’ve got the hack that will keep you on your healthy eating goals: TerraGreens!

Veggie and fruit powder. 


I know… you can literally add a scoop of powder to your smoothie or water and benefit from the power of green vegetables. If you have picky kids or struggle with the taste of bitter greens yourself, you need to try this hack.

I will always prefer whole foods, but when I’m traveling, TerraGreens is always with me (read more on that here). 

You get leafy greens, grasses like wheatgrass, fruit, plus lemon and ginger essential oils (cleansing and soothing for your digestive system). TerraGreens also has a bit of stevia so it tastes sweet without adding sugar or artificial sweetener. (and in January it’s 10% off!)

Have you tried greens powder or TerraGreens? Comment below with how you like to use it!