One of the most difficult challenges many people encounter once they have adopted a healthier lifestyle is finding clothing that match their new bodies, and way of life.

For many people, appearance can be one of the most motivational factors for staying on track with a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of what your motivation may be, you are probably experiencing changes to your physique that may lead to some grey areas in the closet.

Similarly to adopting small day to day changes to align to a healthier lifestyle, making small changes to your wardrobe can make a big impact on how you feel about yourself.  You deserve all the benefits you have worked so hard for!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you experience the issue of clothes no longer fitting. (What a great problem to have!)

  • Incorporate a belt into your wardrobe. A good belt goes a long way. It will help get a little longer life out of a pair of pants that has become too loose. Soon enough you will need a new pair of pants, but until then keep them in place. With your pants in the proper position you will look more put together versus them falling off your waist and sagging in the front and back, which can look messy.
  • Be decisive about clothing that is too big. You have two options once an item is too large. Either buy a replacement in your correct size or get the item altered.  Wearing ill-fitting clothing is not an option. Sure, a baggy sweatshirt on a Saturday is one thing, but wearing baggy clothing to work and social events is another.  Think of it this way, you wouldn’t put your child in a shirt three sizes too big. So, why to do that to yourself? Especially when you are putting in all the effort to be healthy, let the world see!
  • Buy for the size you are currently. Yes, it seems like a no brainer, but we are all guilty of buying something just a little too tight in the hopes of losing weight and soon fitting into it. Or on the flipside, buying something a size or two bigger in case we happen to gain weight. Either way you are wasting money on items you cannot currently wear well and adding to the clothing you already own that doesn’t fit. See the problem? Bite the bullet, be honest and wear your current size. You will notice a huge difference in how you feel getting ready with clothes that fit properly.
  • Consider the right time to be frugal or to invest. If you’ve reached your goal and are not planning on continuing to change sizes, buying some nice investment pieces is a good idea. However, if you are still on the road to reaching your goal, holding off on the big-ticket items might be a more cost effective plan for you.
  • Stay on point with the use of accessories. Trends come and go, if you’re dying to try one of the season’s trends but not sure if you’ll stay the same size try incorporating an accessory or popular color into your existing wardrobe. An accessory could be as simple as a cool necklace or pocket square. You could try adding one of the season’s most popular colors with a t-shirt or layering piece for a fun take on trend.

Keep these tips in mind as you continue on your journey of wellness! Whether you subscribe to Vogue or GQ, skim through fashion boards on Pinterest, or use a personal stylist, it’s important to realize the impact of wearing the right clothing for your continued success.


-Jessica Bergsten is owner of 1200 Miles to Barneys, a personal styling and closet organization business, which manages every facet of your wardrobe. She is happy to help you with any of your clothing needs. Please feel free to ask her questions or schedule a consultation. or 952.239.9438