This is the best time of summer – when you can go out and pick your dinner from the garden!  This year it seems a bit delayed, but I’ll take it!  This was last night’s pickings. . .


I sautéed kale with a bit of tamari and ate it with quinoa and green beans for dinner last night.  I’ve been snacking on the cucumbers and zucchini like crazy.  Tonight I made collard greens with balsamic vinegar, raisins and pumpkin seeds.  Yummy!

The tomatoes, onions and bell peppers will be ready anytime.  (Salsa, anyone?)  And so much more. . . it’s like Christmas in July.  My kids love to go out to the garden and watch the progress of their vegetables.  And guess who ate the kale and collards?  Such a great way to get kids to eat healthy greens – get them involved in your garden!

What delicious treats have you had out of your garden lately?