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Getting sugar out of your diet has an amazing impact on the way you feel. Not only do your energy levels increase like you won’t believe, but most people also lose weight (many times it’s pretty significant even though it’s only 7 days!). Other amazing benefits of nixing refined sugar include stronger immune systems, clearer skin, better sleep, and no more crazy cravings ruling the day!

For me and many, many of my clients, the realization of how clear-headed and high-energy you can really feel has been life-changing. We come to accept so many things as normal. Common doesn’t mean normal, let’s change it up!

One of the most shocking things I discovered when I decided to kick sugar was how it’s hidden in the strangest places! I didn’t realize my ketchup, taco seasoning and salad dressing were packed with sugar.

Sure, I knew when I was eating a cookie or candy, but the excess, hidden sugar really adds up! And often it’s those hidden sugars that are the reason for our energy drains, difficulty losing weight, and trouble sleeping.

So, I created this 7-day Sugar-Free Challenge to help as many people as possible reduce the sugar in their diets! It can only happen through awareness. And then comes the support and accountability of a coach and a group of people going through it with you. Because if kicking sugar were a breeze, we’d all do it:)

What you will get to make this challenge a success:

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  • A private Facebook group with more tips, support, and a place to ask me questions!
  • A prize for the winner…. yes, this is a challenge!

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