Eating healthy – organic and non-GMO – is expensive!  Right?!  I’m not going to say that cooking a healthy meal for your family is going to be cheaper than a fast-food burger off the $1 menu, because I’m not sure that would be the truth.  However, eating healthy does not need to mean breaking the bank.

One of the tricks to eating healthy without blowing your whole pay check on food is to shop a few stores and figure out where to get the best deals.  But I know you are all busy!  No one is going to go to 5 stores a week.  The good news is, I’ve done a lot of the leg-work for you. 

I shop predominately at 3 stores: Trader Joe’s, Costco and my co-op.  Ideally, I would buy everything from my co-op, but I have found that it is worth an extra trip to Trader Joe’s or Costco now and then for certain items because the prices are so much lower (unless of course the item is on sale at my co-op, then I love to support local businesses!).  For instance, I save a few dollars on each jar of organic peanut butter by buying it at Trader Joe’s.  And when you have a household that goes through peanut butter like mine does, that’s a big deal!

Trader Joe's

Here are the foods that I stock up on when I make it to Trader Joe’s.  If this is helpful for you, let me know!

  • Organic fresh fruits and vegetables (from bell peppers to sweet potatoes to avocados to apples!)
  •  Organic orange juice or orange-strawberry-banana juice (refrigerated)
  •  Organic peanut butter (a lot!)
  •  Organic strawberry spread (no-sugar added)
  •  Raw almond butter (occasionally, because if it’s in the house I have a hard time not eating the whole jar!)
  •  Organic maple syrup
  •  Organic coconut palm sugar (my favorite granulated sweetener for baking)
  • Raw honey
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Organic whole chicken (we put one in the crockpot every few weeks)
  • Organic shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Organic yogurt (an occasional treat for my kids – they contain a fair amount of sugar!)
  • Organic sprouted tofu
  • Whole wheat pizza dough (make your own pizza and let everyone pick their own toppings!)
  • Organic no sugar-added applesauce (cups for lunches and jars for baking)
  • Dried mango (careful, this goes down just like candy)
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Whole grain and brown rice pastas
  • Gluten-free oats
  • Lundberg organic brown rice cakes
  • Organic popcorn seeds
  • Organic low-sodium vegetable stock
  • Organic blue corn tortilla chips (we’ve stopped buying these regularly, but once in awhile they go in the cart)
  • Organic salsa (this one doesn’t have sugar like many salsas!)

Are you a Trader Joe’s shopper?  What are you favorite foods to buy there?