Did you see my post about my favorite Trader Joe’s items last week (if you missed it click here)?  Well, I said I mainly shop at 3 stores: Trader Joe’s, Costco, and my co-op.  Costco and my co-op are close to my house, and I go to Trader Joe’s because I love it.  Today, I want to give you my Costco list! 

I see the carts when I’m at Costco just like you do if you shop a club store.  Generally, they are full of processed foods that I would advise you to stay away from.  However, I’ve discovered that Costco is getting better and better at carrying high-quality organic food, and with the prices, it is worth a weekly trip for my family.  I realize it does not fit into everyone’s schedule to shop at 3 different stores.  But with a family of 5, we make it work!

My advice on club stores?  Go in and take a look around.  Are there enough whole, healthy foods at great prices that you would buy to make the yearly fee and extra trip worth it?  If you are shopping for one, maybe not.  But it doesn’t hurt to check it out. 

These are the items that I’ve price-compared that are staples in my Costco shopping cart:

  • Organic cheese slices
  • Organic string cheese
  • Organic eggs
  • Holyland Hummus
  • Organic leafy greens – Power Greens, Spring Greens, Baby Spinach (the prices on these are amazing compared to my co-op and other stores ….with the amount of leafy greens that we go through, this is almost worth the trip in itself!)
  • Mushrooms (not organic but they aren’t on the Dirty Dozen list, so sometimes I’m okay with it)
  • Asparagus (not organic, but asparagus is on the Clean 15 list)
  • Cauliflower (again, not organic but on the Clean 15 list)
  • Organic carrots (I prefer the kind you peel and cut yourself, but they do carry organic baby carrots too)
  • Organic fresh fruit (selection varies by season but bananas are a staple, and they often have various berries and apples as well)
  • Medjool dates (to some, a huge thing of dates is overkill, but they keep well and we use them a lot as a sweetener)
  • Organic frozen fruit (love the mixed berries in my morning smoothies!)
  • Organic frozen edamame (great to have in the freezer for a high-protein snack or addition to lunch or dinner!)
  • Frozen, wild-caught cod (there may be other types of frozen fish as well but read carefully, most of it is farmed, not wild.)
  • Organic raisins
  • Organic chia seeds (they keep well and using a tablespoon a day in a smoothie, you will go through them!)
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers (organic, gluten-free crackers.  They are a must-try if you haven’t already!)

These are the foods I have purchased in the past, they just don’t make the regular list:

  • Organic sugar (while I don’t eat it, it’s perfect for making essential oil-infused sugar scrubs!)
  • Organic brown rice and quinoa
  • Organic hummus sampler tray
  • Organic tortilla chips
  • Organic frozen vegetables

I don’t buy a lot of chicken or meat so I pick them up elsewhere as needed, but check for organic chicken and grass-fed beef!

What did I miss that you love buying at your club store?