So you’re going on a Spring Break trip? Lucky you! 

Once you’ve incorporated essential oils into your healthy lifestyle plan, you really can’t imagine being without them for a week. If you’re like me, you’re looking at your essential oil stash thinking… they may need a suitcase of their own. 


While you could bring everything along, that’s not realistic for most of us.

Here are my choices for absolute must-pack’s:

Lemon Start your day with lemon water to help your body cleanse, assist in digestion, and feel energized for the day ahead. You can also add a drop of lemon to your water to soothe your throat if you need it. You can even use lemon to purify surfaces on the plane or in your hotel room!

OnGuard Protective Blend Whether it’s taking OnGuard internally in the form of the oil or a beadlet, or putting a drop on the bottoms of your feet every day, supporting your immune system while traveling is non-negotiable! Don’t catch all those bugs on the plane. Use your OnGuard daily.

Digestzen Digestive Blend Eating indulgent foods or foods you’re not used to can lead to digestive troubles. Digestzen will save the day for everything from gas and bloating to queasiness. Put 1-2 drops in your water to take internally, or dilute and apply topically to your stomach. We love this blend for everyone in the family (even my dogs!).

Lavender Calming, sleep support, skin irritations and sunburns, ear discomfort… this versatile oil will support you for a laundry list of potential issues. Apply a drop to the bottoms of your feet for calming and sleep. Dilute and apply to the skin for any skin irritation. Apply around the outside of the ear for help with ear discomfort. You can even add a drop to your pillow! Sweet dreams!

Peppermint This is another versatile oil that you can’t be without. Whether you need an energy boost to fight jet lag, you need respiratory support, you have head tension, or you need to cool the body down, peppermint is your go-to. For energy and respiratory support, simply add a drop to the palm of your hands, cup your hands over your nose and mouth, and breathe in deeply. For cooling and head tension, dilute a drop and apply to your forehead, temples and back of neck.

You can take all 5 of these oils in your quart-size ziptop bag right in your carry-on!

Traveling with Kids?

Add Elevation Joyful Blend. To manage through the inevitable meltdowns and arguing with a smile. I’m only half-kidding:) 

Do you have one of these convenient travel keychains that hold 8 vials?

Travel keychain

Add these 3 to round out your 8:

Fractionated Coconut oil Instead of bringing the whole bottle of carrier oil along, a little vial is a great way to dilute your oils on the go.

Melaleuca I would have this along just in case anyone starts to come down with a bug. Melaleuca is so supportive to the immune system. Add a drop to the bottoms of your feet right along with your OnGuard. Melaleuca is also great for skin irritatations! Dilute a drop and apply topically.

Oregano Again, this is a ‘just in case’ oil. If you do catch a bug, Oregano, along with Melaleuca and OnGuard, will be your go-to’s. Dilute and apply a drop to the bottoms of your feet.

Other Bonus Tips

Don’t forget your Lifelong Vitality Supplements and PB Assist Probiotic! You will feel the difference (and not a good difference) if you forget them. No need to pack the big bottles, just put what you need in a zip top baggie and they will easily fit into your purse, carry-on, or suitcase.

If you’re like me and like to start your day with a healthy smoothie no matter where you are, pack your TerraGreens greens powder, Trim Shake or other protein powder, and a shaker cup. Add water and viola! Easy breakfast done. I like to pre-portion out TerraGreens, protein powder, and chia seeds in a ziptop baggie for each day so I don’t need to pack the big containers. 

Wishing you Fun, Safe, (and healthy) Travels!

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What’s your must-have oil to pack on vacation?

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