Back to School nerves are the worst! While some kids charge onto the bus with big smiles, others get tummy aches just thinking about heading back.

My daughter is one of those kids who struggles with feeling anxious. Her nerves get the best of her in many situations. Over the years we have worked with a lot of different strategies to support her, and even though I know things will get easier and easier as she gets older, it’s still tough now.

Even as adults, we get nervous! I know I do! Whether it’s an upcoming presentation or a difficult conversation we know we need to have, we can start to feel anxious just thinking about it.

Yes, we can meditate, practice deep breathing, or ask ourselves questions like, what’s the worst that’s going to happen?

Usually, the fear of doing something is so much worse than the experience itself, right?

My daughter doesn’t always believe me when I tell her that.

Well, last year we discovered how effective essential oils are for managing my daughter’s anxious feelings, so I want to share the blend we love with you!

Here’s a video where I explain:


The two essential oil blends I used together are Peace Reassuring Blend and Console Comforting Blend. A couple drops of each blend, together in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil, made an amazing difference.

Consistent use is the name of the game! I have my daughter keep this oil blend on her nightstand, and when her mind would start to spin and she would get nervous, I would remind her to go use her oils. Within minutes I saw her demeanor change.

We got in the habit of having her apply the oil blend right away in the morning before she had a chance to get nervous!

I can’t tell you how much smoother our mornings were!

And it’s not just my daughter who finds Peace and Console effective. I keep Peace on my desk to use whenever I feel anxious and nervous.

If you or someone in your family could use this oil blend, let’s talk! Having these natural solutions at your fingertips is life-changing. Send me a note here.