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Back to school and the changing of seasons is a great time to start a new routine and get rid of bad habits that are keeping you from your health goals.  Why not develop some new healthy habits?

The thing about habits is that they are called habits for a reason.  Changing the way we eat, for instance, can seem overwhelming because we are used to the way we grocery shop, the recipes we make, the restaurants we frequent.  Our subconscious mind takes over and we are on auto-pilot.  But if you make some changes that seem uncomfortable and different at first, 4 weeks later you will be on auto-pilot with new habits.

You do not need to be perfect to benefit from healthy food and lifestyle!  Don’t beat yourself up over perfection.  If that is your goal, you will continue to ‘fail’!  Here are 5 really simple things you can do to improve your health today:

  1. Start your day with lemon water.  We are dehydrated when we wake up, so starting with water is a good idea anyway, but add lemon and it’s even better!  Squeeze half a lemon into 2 cups of warm water to detoxify.   I like to use doTERRA lemon essential oil instead of fresh lemons because it is easier, less expensive, and provides even more benefit.
  2. Drink more water (all day long!).  Aim for half your body weight in ounces of water per day.  (If you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water.) Make it more interesting by adding limes, cucumbers, mint, oranges, raspberries, whatever sounds good to you.  Again, I use essential oils for ease and enhanced therapeutic benefits.
  3. Add vegetables to every meal.  Add spinach in morning smoothies or omelets, cucumbers and tomatoes on your lunch sandwich, roasted vegetables with your dinner.  Eat as many colors in a day as you can.  Even if you start with adding a carrot stick and lettuce leaf to your turkey sandwich lunch, you are making progress!  If half your plate is vegetables, that is awesome!
  4. Avoid 1 processed food staple.  You can start small when it comes to transitioning to a whole, real food diet.  Take 1 processed staple in your home and stop buying it.  Find a recipe you can make at home instead.  Once you are comfortable in a routine – maybe it’s a week, maybe its 4 weeks – tackle another one.  (I did this a couple of years ago with organic peanut butter crackers . . . my kids were addicted!)  Contact Me if you need help with a replacement for your staple!
  5. Add movement into your day.  If you are not already carving out time for exercise, don’t worry.  Even a walk over your lunch hour is better than nothing.  Many of us work at sedentary jobs and simply don’t move enough.  If you only have 10 minutes, great.  Do something for 10 minutes.   My favorite time to exercise is right away in the morning so it for sure gets in.  Yes, you need to get up a little earlier, but again, do it for 4 weeks and it will become a habit!