St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to get more greens into your kids (and yourselves)!  I made my kids a green smoothie for a snack today, and it was a hit!  They love smoothies and never mind that they are often green.  They rarely question what I’ve ‘hidden’ in them, but on a day like today, they were all for it!

I eat green smoothies just about every morning.  I often add protein powder but some days I just like to start the day with veggies and fruit.  I try to eat greens three times per day, so blending them at breakfast is an easy way to accomplish this.  It’s also a good way to make a lot of fiber easily-digestible.

For my kids today, I added some almonds for healthy fat and protein and a couple dates for added sweetness.  I generally don’t need to add dates to mine, but my kids prefer a little sweeter smoothie.  You could use a bit of stevia in place of the dates.  I used spinach for my greens as they have a mild flavor.  When using spinach, make sure you pair with a vitamin C-rich food so you get maximum absorption of the iron.  In this case, we’re covered with the strawberries and orange!

St. Patrick’s Day 2013 Smoothie

¼ cup raw almonds

½ cup frozen strawberries

1 clementine

1 banana

2 cups spinach

1 cup water

1 cup ice

2 pitted medjool dates

Place all ingredients in high-speed blender and blend until smooth.  If you are using a less-powerful blender, try substituting almond butter for the almonds.

DSC_0652 DSC_0653

We ate green foods all day in honor of the celebration.  Kale chips, asparagus, we even had green almond milk this morning (it was like Christmas morning when my kids discovered what the leprechaun had done to our milk!).  Turning eating greens into a party!  I’ll have to remember this for Earth Day. . .