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I'm so glad you're here!

You've found your way here because you're sick of your current circumstance, your work/life balance, your current job. You're feeling like you're missing out on your kids, you're always busy, always stressed...never feeling fully present at home or at work. 


I get it. It's painful to feel like you're missing out. 

Not to mention, when you have a passion for wellness and helping others, it's hard to stay stuck in a job that doesn't fulfill that purpose you feel so strongly in your heart. 

I was there too. But things are so different now. And they can be for you too!

I'm Angie Jones, I'm a mom of triplets, and I now work from home on my own business, partnering with the best company in the world. I sell doTERRA essential oils and I teach people how to use them.

I left my corporate career 5 years ago. I had a great paying job and I worked with great people! But I was missing out. 

Like I said, I'm a mom of triplets. I struggled to become a mom! I went through a tough journey of infertility and loss. Then I finally had my beautiful babies, and I went back to work! I was miserable. I felt like I was missing out on the milestones with my babies.

My journey with infertility sent me on a path to get myself healthier, and I felt an overwhelming desire to share my knowledge with others. So I took the leap into a new career!

Today, my life looks completely different. I work from home. I work around my kids' schedules so I can pick them up from school and go volunteer in the classroom. It's fantastic! I have more fulfillment than I ever thought possible. And more income opportunity than I ever dreamed.

Taking a leap is scary, but when you follow the free guide that will arrive in your inbox shortly, you'll have all the opportunity in the world to enjoy huge success in a wellness business you adore. 

If my lifestyle sounds good to you, and you want to hear more, click on the link below, grab time on my calendar, and we'll talk.

Enjoy the guide and I can't wait to hear from you!