Angie Peanut Butter

Peanut butter and me.

Peanut butter has been a long-time friend. Best friend, really. I could eat it by the spoonful out of the container. And I did. Often.

My obsession with peanut butter struck hard when I was first out of college and lived in my first apartment. And it wasn’t the healthy stuff. I would literally eat Skippy out of the jar (reduced fat of course; avoiding fat was a hallmark of my early twenties). Well, once I decided it was time to shed the pounds I started putting on from eating out of loneliness and boredom, I stopped buying peanut butter. It was clearly a trigger food for me.

Fast forward to living with my husband. Back that peanut butter came. And soon I had him eating it by the spoonful. (Had I learned nothing?) After I had my kids and I started on my real wellness journey, I realized how sugar robbed me of my energy. So, I switched to organic, unsalted peanut butter. By the time my kids were 3 or 4, they were hooked on peanut butter too. Not buying it was no longer an option! My trigger stared me down and called my name every time I opened the fridge at 8pm.

Are you getting the picture here? Peanut butter and I were tight.

So how did I finally decide to break up with peanuts? I did a cleanse. Yup, my own clean-eating cleanse. You know, walk my talk. I took nuts out of my diet for 7 days. Then I added them back. And wow, could I tell the difference! When I ate peanut butter at night, I woke up in the morning with a dry mouth and my stomach felt acidic. That’s the best way I can describe it. I also traced some breakouts back to caving to the delicious little peanut. You can bet I tested this a couple times. And I resisted. The last thing I wanted to do was break up with such a long-time bestie! But once I did, I felt the benefits. I wasn’t running in the morning on an acidic stomach. My tummy seemed a little flatter.

Am I saying I will forever ban the stuff? I would love to stay that, but I’m human. I will likely indulge now and then. My chocolate peanut butter pie comes to mind. I drool just thinking about it.

But I feel so empowered! I can directly relate a slight intolerance for a food that was formerly a staple to the way I look and feel.

That, my friends, is the power of my Clean-eating Cleanse.

My next group program kicks off Oct 12 (in honor of my husband’s birthday!). What will you learn about your body? How will you look and feel when you discover the foods that support you?

Read more about my cleanse here.