I’ve been wanting to try this for awhile, and now that I have, I’m thinking – WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG??

If you have a Vitamix or comparable high-speed blender, this is a must do.

It was a good day for an ice cream snack.  It was officially my kids’ first day of summer vacation with mom.  So, I told them they could have banana ice cream for a snack.  Little did they know that their yummy treat was really just frozen bananas.  Healthy as can be.

I took 4 (halved) frozen bananas and put them in the Vitamix on the frozen setting that I use for smoothies.

I let the machine run through its cycle, and it turned into creamy, delicious soft-serve ice cream.

banana ice cream

That’s it, frozen bananas.

kids eating banana ice cream

My kids were in heaven.  I was in LOVE!  I know what our freezer will be stocked with this summer!  Happy kids, happy mom.  And maybe we’ll share some with Dad someday.