Travel essential oils

I’m a mom, so I travel prepared. That’s my job, right?

I am prepared. For just about everything. And you know I love my essential oils! I don’t leave home without them. On our family vacation last week, you can bet I had oils in my carry-on and larger bottles safely packed in my suitcase.

We are an essential oils family. Even my kids have requested their own stashes. My son puts a blend on the bottoms of his feet every night for immune support (a job I used to have), and he keeps a rollerball of lavender on his nightstand and uses it as needed in the middle of the night. The kid cracks me up! And he makes me proud. I love that my kids are growing up so empowered and knowledgeable.

So, here it is, my list of the eight that are always in my travel bag. Actually, these are always in my purse too, in cute little mini bottles:)

  1. Lemon Not a day goes by that I don’t put a couple drops in my water to support natural cleansing. I drink my warm water with lemon every morning, even on vacation! Lemon is also awesome to cleanse surfaces, so it’s nice to have on the plane.
  2. Lavender One of the most versatile oils, it’s always a good one to have on hand. Like I said before, my son loves this one for its calming qualities, but it’s also great to soothe skin irritations. I was glad I had this along for my daughter!
  3. Peppermint Another versatile oil, I always have peppermint with me for head tension. It’s an awesome pick me up when you need an afternoon or early-morning boost, and I love adding it to smoothies. Peppermint is also a natural bug repellent which would have been put to use if I would’ve known that cockroaches were an issue even in really nice hotels. (Yup, we saw one the last night of our vacation… are you kidding me???) Occasional indigestion? Peppermint is your friend.
  4. Digestive blend Definitely a travel essential! This one is always in my purse. Eases gas, bloating, queasiness … Not sure I need to elaborate on this one.
  5. Protective blend This one is a family favorite and is used daily. With all the seasonal threats, we get this on the bottoms of our feet every day for immune support.
  6. Melaleuca Another versatile go-to in case of skin irritations. I also rely on melaleuca to support healthy immune function. I use this in conjunction with the protective blend.
  7. Oregano Again, it’s all about the immune system. I don’t want to be slowed down on vacation!
  8. Joyful blend This one is for me:)  I use this oil every morning to be more, well, joyful.

There you have it, my top 8. As you may guess, I have more in my travel bag than 8, but these are the ones you definitely don’t want to leave home without.

For more information on which brand of oils I recommend for best purity and potency, contact me and I will send you a sample!