If you’re like most of my clients, when you think about trying essential oils, you have a goal in mind. Maybe you want to keep your kids healthy, or you want to finally get a good night’s sleep without taking a sleeping pill, or you have a bad back and want fast relief without pain pills, or the Spring pollen really gets to you and you need a solution stat.

This is what happens time and time again: You get the starter kit, and you’re amazed!  You’re hooked. You no longer have doubts about the power of plants, and you start telling all your friends about these amazing little potions. You can’t help it!

The more you start playing with your oils, the more physical and emotional benefits you notice. You start using them for clearer, younger looking skin and to fight your afternoon sugar cravings. You give them to your mom for her hip discomfort, and you have your son use them for focus at school.

And then you start realizing the really oddball things that your oils can do.

When you get these little bottles in your house, I promise you will save a lot of cash-ola. There are so many products you won’t need to buy anymore… you simply pull out your essential oils! This is when you know you are a true power-user.

Here are 7 random times to remember your essential oils… You’ve got Oils for that!

1 Lemon is awesome for sticky residue of any kind. When you use masking tape to put the kids’ artwork up on the glass patio doors and after a couple years your mom is visiting and decides it’s time to finally take the faded, torn papers down? Lemon is your friend.

2 Lemon is your go-to for gum in the hair. We won’t ask my daughter how we know that, we just do.

3 Peppermint will keep the ants away. If you have dogs like I do (or even toddlers!), you probably hesitate to use the mainstream ant-killers. Or maybe when you notice ants you have no plans to run to the hardware store. Peppermint is your solution!

4 Melaleuca is amazing for cleansing odors. Stop buying air fresheners that mask odors. Go with Melaleuca to really cleanse the odors away. From putting it in the washing machine’s fabric softener compartment to using it in stinky gym shoes, you’ll be so happy you have it in your home.

5 Lavender will soothe bug bites. If you blow up with itchy welts like I do from mosquitos, you’ll want to keep your Lavender Touch on hand at every barbeque (or use your Terrashield to keep them away in the first place!). Lavender is not just for sleep anymore 🙂

6 OnGuard is an effective cleaner. Don’t want to buy all-purpose sprays that leave chemical residue all over your countertops? I’m with ya! Add a few drops of OnGuard to water in a spray bottle, give it a good shake, and you have a cleaner that has been proven to kill bacteria.

7 Oils for the Garden. Even though this is typically my husband’s domain (I love the idea of a garden but never really got into the work!), I am insistent on it being an ORGANIC garden. So what do you do when bugs start attacking your veggies? You could go buy an organic spray, but you don’t have to when you have oils! Add 10 drops each rosemary, peppermint, thyme, and clove to a spray bottle. Fill with water and give it a good shake. Bugs be gone.

I’m only scratching the surface here, but I hope you’re inspired. YES, your essential oils will support your physical and emotional health needs. But they will also do so much more.

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