Candles are popular ways to scent your home, especially around the holidays. The ambience is nice, but a lot of people are sensitive to the synthetic fragrances used in many candles. Diffusing EO’s is a great alternative to scent your home.

And my favorite part? You can create the mood you want by the oils you choose. Oil molecules suspend in the air for up to a few hours, and everyone in the room is able to experience the powerful physiologic, mental and emotional benefits that aromas can elicit.

Different scents provide warmth and comfort, create peace and calming, or uplift the mood and enhance energy. You can choose the oils depending on the mood you want to create in your home.

Whether they know it or not, your family and friends will be benefitting from the therapeutic oils you’re diffusing.

It’s a fun little trick to ease tension or perk up the holiday mood at your party.

Here are 6 yummy blends to try!

Here are just a few therapeutic benefits to consider as you choose your blend:

  • Citrus Bliss, Cheer and Wild Orange are uplifting and help ease anxious feelings
  • Peppermint helps with energy and promotes clear airways and easy breathing
  • Cinnamon strengthens a healthy immune system
  • Cassia helps to reduce stress
  • Cardamom promotes clear breathing and helps with focus
  • Clove is an energizing oil and promotes a healthy immune system
  • Cedarwood relaxes and soothes the body and mind
  • Douglas Fir promotes a positive mood and also helps with clear airways and easy breathing
  • Ginger can help boost energy
  • Serenity eases tension and calms emotions 

Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with ANY of these blends in your holiday home!

Questions on the best blend to choose? Post in the comments below!

Merry Christmas!

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