kids rollerblading

I changed careers and began health coaching because I had an interest in healthy, holistic living.  And I had personal experiences that changed the choices I make, and I learned things I believe everyone should know!  But at the heart of it, even though I felt like I wasn’t doing anything extraordinary, I had a lot to share.  I’m not growing all my own food or raising my kids in the wilderness to protect them from toxins.  I’m just a mom making (mostly) healthy choices and living a healthy lifestyle that is absolutely possible and attainable.  If I can do this, you can too! 

The pursuit of healthy living is an evolution and not a destination.  I have evolved and will continue to evolve as I learn more and as my eyes are opened to new things.  I started by upgrading my food, that lead to me switching out my household cleaners, my shampoos, lotions and make-up, and now to natural solutions with essential oils.  I didn’t change overnight, and you don’t need to either.  Here are 5 things I believe about raising a healthy family:

  1. Something is better than nothing. You don’t have to be all-or-nothing! If you’re just getting started making healthy changes, start small. If the battle over the frozen pizza seems too daunting, that’s okay. Switch out the white bread for 100% whole wheat and the artificially-flavored fruit snacks for an organic brand. Slowly phase out the junk. Every little bit matters.
  2. It’s not too late. So you gave your kids sugar-laden cereal and their breakfast syrup was actually high-fructose corn syrup. So what? You know better now, and that’s what matters. Our bodies are made to heal themselves. Our cells are regenerating every few days.   There is always time to improve and have a huge impact on future health.
  3. Our kids understand more than we give them credit for. You can have conversations about exercise and healthy food with toddlers. My 7 year-olds have a very good understanding of which foods are healthy and which foods are sugary treats that don’t support their growth, academic performance, or sports performance. I’m not saying they always make great choices (they would never pass up a cookie or cupcake!), but they are definitely aware and do a pretty darn good job of self-regulating.
  4. Don’t sweat the 10%. 90/10 is my deal. I am not going to deprive my kids of birthday cake. Even if it is made with refined sugar. So they go somewhere and have a treat full of artificial colors and flavors. I’ll admit, it does freak me out a bit (WHY do people have to sell this stuff??), but I really try to let it go. If 10% of the food they eat is crap, so be it. You can’t control everything.  And you are doing great.
  5. Planning (and practice) is everything. You fail to plan, you plan to fail. Unless you have an arsenal of quick go-to meals (which I do, that’s where the practice comes in!). If it’s 6:00 and you’ve just walked in the door, and you need to be at soccer at 6:45, guess what? You’re going hit a drive thru or make a dinner out of processed snacks. But if you’ve planned ahead and have a fully-stocked pantry, you can whip up a healthy meal in minutes that your kids can scarf down in the car.

My point is, none of us are perfect.  (Believe me, I am not!)  But we can all raise extraordinarily healthy families with a little practice and a willingness to firmly stand our ground.  If you’re confused about what healthy choices are, that’s where I come in.  Reach out for a free consultation and I can guide you to a program that will best fit your needs.  Don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged, you got this!  Happy Mother’s Day!