You ate the cookies meant for Santa?

That’s okay, so did I:) I hope yours were as good as mine!

Life is about enjoyment, and Christmas cookies are part of the deal. I also believe in balance, so now it’s time to balance out the cookies, rich foods, and alcohol and start feeling better fast.

Feeling like you need to de-bloat?

Yeah, me too.


Follow these 5 steps and start feeling better fast!

1- Take it easy on the leftovers. Carefully choose which foods deserve round 2.

     BONUS Freeze indulgent foods for another time. Most dishes do just fine in the freezer for a short period of time. That way, you can have a treat again later.

2- Drink lots of water. I mean really load up. You want to flush out the excess salt and sugars. It may seem counterintuitive, but drinking more water really will lessen the bloat and water retention from the indulgent foods and beverages you had.

     BONUS Add lemon and raw apple cider vinegar to your water at least in the morning, if not a few times a day. I add a couple drops of lemon essential oil, a tablespoon of ACV, and a drop of organic stevia to 20 ounces of water.

3- Get moving. Walk the mall searching for after-Christmas sales (sounds awful to me but I get that some people love this!), walk or run, hit an exercise class, swim, ice skate – whatever your climate allows. If you’re lucky enough to have snow, build a snowman!

     BONUS Play with the kids! They have such crazy-high energy, they’ll wear you out before you know it.

4- Start your day with protein. Smoothie, smoothie bowl, chia seed pudding, eggs, whatever you like. Protein will help stabilize your blood sugar. Getting adequate protein will help you say NO to the plate of cookies staring you in the face.

     BONUS Add greens to your breakfast too! I love leafy greens blended in my protein smoothie.

5- Take your probiotics. Probiotics for a happy belly! The next couple days are NOT the days to forget your daily probiotic supplement.

     BONUS Take a spoonful of raw sauerkraut or other fermented food before meals to help with digestion. Bubbie’s are my favorite.

There’s more I’m going to share….

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