EO’s are not magic bullets for weight loss (but they are pretty magical). You need to eat more vegetables, drink more water, eat less sugar, and up the activity if you want to see weight loss results.

However, EO’s can play an integral support role in your journey!

Changing eating habits can be hard. Sugar cravings are strong, and some days you just don’t care and want the cupcake.

Essential oils make the transition easier. For me, using a few specific oils really help manage cravings and appetite without making me feel deprived (and angry!).

Here are my top 5 to support your weight loss journey:

1. Slim & Sassy – The best blend to support your goals, hands down. I don’t love the name, but I love how it works! Slim & Sassy supports a healthy metabolism, manages hunger cravings, and helps keep you from over-eating.

How to use? I add a drop or two of Slim & Sassy to my water in the afternoons. You can use Slim & Sassy up to 5x/day either in water or in a veggie cap (or use the Slim & Sassy soft gels!).

2. Cinnamon – I’m a huge Cinnamon Bark fan! It helps support metabolic function and helps keep blood sugar levels in the normal range. This is so helpful for weight loss! If your blood sugar drops, you’re going to scramble for food, and it’s usually of the sugar and carb type.

How to use? I love adding a drop of Cinnamon to smoothies! You can also add a drop to oatmeal, or even drink in hot water, tea or coffee.

3. Grapefruit – This is another helpful oil for metabolism! And I’ll take all I can get:) Citrus oils are also cleansing, and grapefruit has helped me with water retention as well.

How to use? Diffuse to help with motivation while changing eating habits. Add a drop to your water (my favorite!). Dilute and apply topically to stomach or bottoms of feet.

4. Lemon – Maybe my favorite EO? It’s certainly my most-used! Lemon naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion. 

How to use? Add 1-2 drops to 16 ounces of water every morning (and throughout the day).

5. Lime – I love the uplifting power of lime, and it tastes delicious! Lime is an internal cleanser and helps support metabolism and weight management. 

How to use? Swap out sugary beverages for water with a drop of lime. It’s so yummy, you won’t miss the sugar! I like lime with sparkling and still water, and it definitely gets me drinking more water which is a key to weight loss. Diffusing Lime is a great way to uplift your mood if sugar withdrawal is getting you down!

I could add Peppermint, Ginger, Digestzen, Zendocrine, and a few others to the list, but I’ll stick to the 5 above for now:) 

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